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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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welcome. president obama and president- elect trump meet this morning at 11:00 at the white house. they both say they want a peaceful transition. governor chris christie is in
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team and the cabinet could include rudy giuliani for attorney general and newt gingrich for secretary of state. but not everything is going smooth by for donald trump. thousands of protestors poured into the streets across the country to protest his election. here is marci gonzalez with more at one of the protest sites, the trump tower in manhattan. >> reporter: from coast to coast, across more than a dozen thousands demonstrators marched through the streets last night, chanting, protesting the election of donald trump. >> we are very scared of what will happen to the lgbt community, to women, to people of color. we are terrified. >> reporter: in oakland, california, protestors smashed windows and started fire, forcing police to respond with tear gas.
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in chicago to outside the president-elect's home in manhattan and his future home on pennsylvania avenue. and emotional reflection of the raw divisions that remain after a bitterly fought presidential rate. while demonstrators say they realize this won't change the outcome, from the ballot box and now the street, they are proudly accessorying their rights. >> we are expressing ourselves the way we want to. were able to stand together. >> reporter: and there is now added protection for the president-elect. this morning outside of trump towers there are were dump trucks set up as barricades and the fay mosted a no-fly zone until after inauguration day. gone gone, abc news, new york. authorities need your help
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mother. roaa s al dhannoon came as a refugee from iraq. the 24 was last seen at her apartment october 16th, reported missing three days later. they are friends, co-workers and police are more worried everyday. she has a 3-year-old son and with us recently divorced. her ex-husband was arrested for violating a protection police say a shooting in the head tuesday night in the glendale neighborhood. chester was 31 weeks pregnant and taken to the hospital. we have an call out now to get an update on her condition. a cleveland mother is accused of being drunk behind the wheel with her kids inside the car when she hit and killed a man on kinsman road and east 73rd.
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homicide and child endangerment. shantina reed made a left turn right in front of a motorcycle. the driver of the motorcycle, 52-year-old john stoudenmire, died in the accident. well, investigators tell us police found a bag of cash from a robbery inside the car of a suspect. he was shot and killed by a ashtabula police officer. police say evan cox drove over the officer's foot and dragged another. cox died at the scene. was treated at the hospital. all three officers involved are on administrative leave. well, cleveland police have recovered three stolen atms taken in recent smash-and- grabs and a stolen van. the plain dealer reports a group of men were spotted breaking into atms monday night right behind a vacant apartment building near east 99th street and tanner court. one man was arrested and later charged. the four others took off running.
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from which they were stolen. let's check on the weather today with meteorologist tera blake. nice and sunny. >> it is gorgeous out, right? as long as you have the sunglasses and you are in the sunshine. in the shade you are probably feeling the chill in the air. yes, we are back and a little better as far as temperatures go but area-wide 50s. cleveland is 56. look at the winds, 18 miles per hour in cleveland. the winds are delivering on the warmer weather you are seeing all across northeast ohio. high this time of year. many of us will reach the lower 60s with afternoon sunshine. cleveland is 56, wooster is 54. ashtabula 55 right now. the forecast is dry here today with high pressure dominating. winds whipping in around the high bringing in the warmer air. it will soon deliver on the potential or rainfall. here tonight to tomorrow is when those rain chances move on in. with the rain and winds i want you off the lake.
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we have a gale warning closer to lake and ashtabula counties until friday at 1:00 a.m. we have a small craft advisory until friday at 4:00 a.m. we are talking wave heights as big as 8 to 12 feet, 35 knot winds, so be especially careful if you have to be venturing out on the lake. it will be pretty for picture, but that is about it. hour-by-hour for the rest of the day today, nice sunshine, breezy winds and we reach tonight we will start clear. the clouds will move in. we will see clouds for the friday motorcycle. i will time out the rainfall coming up in just minutes. stick around. well, as we have been reporting, it when a busy day at the white house. president-elect donald trump meeting with president obama to begin the transition. and the cleveland cavaliers on their way to washington, d.c. our championship cavs will arrive there at about 2:15 this
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be on hand for the cavs visit. he will bring us the latest on newschannel5 at 5:00 and the newschannel5 app. well, the rock & roll hall of fame is debuting its newest edition. this is 2 long live rock sign outside the plaza by the museum. the swooshing complete and the plastic rack is off. if you still have your "i voted" sticker, you can in to the the rock hall if are just $10 now through saturday. health care limbo? hundreds of students rush to sign up for obama-care but with promises from trump, many question what will happen to enrollment. >> caught on camera, a restaurant worker takes on an attacker and wins.
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welcome. flaps were in the wrong position , they did not use proper landing techniques and the engine stalled, yes,
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final investigation as to what happened to a small plane that crashed last year. well, trump's win college students in florida were getting in line for health insurance through obama-care. trump says in his first 100 days in office he plans to repeal and replace the program but many students say they are only able to get health care because of obama-care. >> definitely one of those thing, one of those students students can really capitalize on and are using. >> evening experts are not sure what the future holds but the
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through november 15th for coverage to begin on january 1st. a drug addiction recovery center is ready to open its doors for lorain county. the primary purpose center in sheffield township will have an open house tomorrow and take in its first residents starting monday. it will serve 80 to 100 men living in various stages of drug and alcohol sobriety. checking things off the bucket list. one 93-year-old is enjoying life one great adventure time! >> very cool. all right, well your forecast is looking beautiful. but if you step outside the hair is blowing about and the leaves, too. look at the winds. how long will the strong winds be sticking around and when do we cool back down. it is coming. i will tell you all about 2019 after this.
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take a look at this video from north carolina. a woman was attacked by a man with the hoodie over his head
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the woman said she doesn't remember much. >> i grabbed the knife and we got to tussling. >> after the fact she realized how dangerous the situation was but she knew she could not let him get her first. police believe the man was responsible for other robberies in the area. people in buffalo, new york, are being asked to keep their doors and windows closed following a massey plant fire there. the fire erupted yesterday republic steel plant. authorities are concerned the fumes may be toxic. it is unclear if anyone was inside the building at the time. verizon may be changing its mind about purchasing yahoo. it may rescind its nearly $5 billion deal because of the massey hack of yahoo -- massive hack of yahoo customers. at least 500 million user accounts were hacked in 2014. since then yahoo has been
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apple is offering a cheaper iphone. for the first time ever the tech giant will sell refurbished phones through its online store. right now apple has a number of refurbished iphones on its website for a 15% discount on the price of the model. they test and certificate all refurbished products before selling them they say and they include a one year warranty for a refurbished product. all right. it hopefully we will continue into the weekend. >> i wish. the weekend will be beautiful. friday is the hiccup with rainfall and we are teetering with the chance of snowfall. will it mix in? we will break down the possibility as some are excited and a lot are not. [ laughing ] but right now i think we are excited about the brilliant sunshine in place over wooster. high level cirrus clouds. a beautiful morning. in and out of the sunshine here
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we will have a cold front coming in. we can see the high clouds made of ice crystals way up in the atmosphere. it is not hurting our chances of seeing better temperatures. right now feeling pretty good at 55. we have a southwest wind at 9 miles per hour but that is not telling the story. wind gusts as high as 30 miles per hour reported, especially if you are close to the lake. right now 28 miles per hour gust a word to the wise, stay off to the lake if you can. a small craft advisory along the lake as well as a gale warning with 35 knot winds and expected wave heights as 12 feet at most. those are extremes. great pictures but be extra careful and stay off the lake looking at the beautiful waves. current temperatures across the area 56 downtown. headed east, well, we expect
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54 in madison, 55 in ashtabula. akron is coming in at a nice, comfortable 56. the typical high should be 53 or 54 which ask what we are finding in wooster, and westfield center. the temperatures are above normal with the brilliant sunshine for the afternoon hours. marble head is 54 and port clinton is 57. the high pressure is dominating. see another quick cold front that will provide us with a chance of rainfall in the friday forecast. high pressure in place behind it. that high pressure is cold. temperatures will drop back to the 40s for highs on saturday. the day to be out will be sunday over the weekend. but let's see friday night to saturday if any purple or whites try to show up on the maps. that would be indications of snow mixing in. here we start out, friday at
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it will be a much bigger chance east and the secondary snowbelts with the temperatures cooler, as well. i think paisley is stuck at 49 or 50. we clear out the moisture as we move to 5:00ment the evening commute good -- 5:00. the evening commute good. a little rain potential for the morning commute. lake affect locations would see anything at all, but just warm enough right now rainy side. hour-by-hour, brilliant sunshine remaining in place until the 5:00 hour. highs today 58 to 61. tonight we start out with the stars and clouds increasing. the power of 5 seven-day forecast showing a small chance
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friday. we have beautiful temperatures and sunshine next week with another shot of rain wednesday. not looking bad. a reminder we are on the radio keeping you updated. when it comes to the weather, check us out.
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ments. well, a 93-year-old wisconsin woman has quite the bucket list and she was able to cross off one item. that looks like so much fun. that is she wanted nothing more than to zip line at the mall of america. she had her wish granted. she said everybody should follow their dreams and try it, live your life and go for the gusto. >> if anyone can do it, she can. >> that is right.
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hi, today on spotlight 5 we will check in with retirement and financial expert bill smith. bill is president of wa smith financial group. he is standing by in his retirement solutions studio with today's retirement tip. >> welcome to today's money tip. do you have an investment that comings with a perspeck us the? reading them, right? i know everybody reads them perspecktieses. what is it? it contains important information such as fees and potentially risk, as well as management information that you should understand before you put your hard-earned money in that investment. the document is formal and legal and is required to be filed with the securities and exchange commission, also
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it provides details and facts that investors typically need in order to make a sound decision on whether or not to make that investment. typically the most common investments people have that come with it is a mutual fund and variable annuity. it is not uncommon for a perspeck us the to be several hundred page, especially variable annuities. do yourself a favor. if your investment comes with large perspctus, do reading, ask questions and more importantly get a second opinion on the risk you are taking. for more question, or information on different investments, you can certainly email your questions to me at questions@billsmithshow. com. or give our office a call today for the second opinion. that is today's money tip. >> thank you, bill. if you would like more
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smith sundays at noon. you can also get more information by calling the office at (866)417-4156 or log
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it's november 10th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." a toddler wanders away from her trapped on an escalator. see the moment her panic sets in as the little girl frantically tries to free herself. a cat fights against the current in a reservoir. >> the amazing scene as workers help kitty help itself. >> come on, buddy. don't let go. a dad toughs it out as he pounds the pavement. >> he's training for the dublin p marathon. >> the touching story of why his pain could be his young daughter's gain. plus, it's bonus giveaway day, which means your chance to win a new ipad mini or flat screen tv. we break down the best on the


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